Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010: Decennial Year for MNM Club

2000 to 2010: It’s an Adventures and Fearless decade to MNM Club. The club was founded by Mr. Mahesh Nayak in 2000, when the world was threatened with Y2K menace. Through the decade the club was achieved all its goals and motto and is proud of all the members and their achievements.

Now the main responsibility of the club is to save the world from the Mayan Calendar menace in 2012 and we are ready to take all those challenges every moment of our life. The future plans and decennial year celebration programme will be published after our next Club meeting.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Picture of the Month

(MNM the first person in the Moon)

MonkeyMan - Jyotiraj

Mangalore: Jyotiraj's Scaling Skill at Chitradurga - The Height of it !

by Mahesh Nayak Bovikan
Pics Rohit S Rao

This young man’s real name is Jyotiraj. But people call him Kotiraja (Monkeyman).

This is because of his amazing ability of rock-climbing which he does with the agility of a monkey. He works as a mason in Chitradurga, the well-known historic town of Karnataka.

He is a familiar sight at the legendary Chitradurga fort, where he is often seen practising his skill on the fort ramparts. It is a treat for visitors to see him do all sorts of mind-boggling stunts fearlessly.

He prefers to climb with his bare hands as he feels using a safety rope is not being brave enough.

The daring young man’s ambition is to create a Guinness record. During our recent visit there, friend Rohit S Rao captured the action blow by blow.

The adventure men

Mahesh Nayak Bovikan taking an interview from Jyotiraj

A close brush with history: Rohit Rao (standing) enjoys the fun as Mahesh Nayak gets out of the point where the celebrated 'Onake' Obavva, wife of a sentry on the ramparts of the Chitradurga fort, ruled by Madakari Nayaka, is said to have single-handedly battered several invading soldiers of Hyder Ali of Mysore. She did so using an 'onake' Kannada for the pestle used to de-husk rice. She finally got killed by the rest of the soldiers.

(Mahesh Nayak is one of the most creative copywriters in the district and also executive editor of 'Mangalore Today' English monthly. Rohit Rao is an entrepreneur and a keen hobby photographer. - Editor)

New Year Resolutions for Mahesh Nayak

Gundert’s New Year Resolutions for Mahesh Nayak

Don’t drink more than 2-3 pegs

Get up early in the morning

Don’t get depressed or make clients depressed

Don’t borrow petty loans

Don’t recollect past memories (especially girlfriends)

Avoid booze parties & Boozers.

Happy New Year all MNMs

MNM's Ten Great Tips For 2010

1. Stay out of trouble.

2. Aim for greater heights.

3. Stay focused on your job.

4. Exercise to maintain good health.

5. Practise team work.

6. Rely on your trusted partner to watch your back. Take your time trusting others.

7. Save for rainy days.

8. Rest and relax .

9. Always take time to smile.


10. Realize that nothing is impossible.