Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Melrick Crasta

Crazy Guy

Cricket craze is common among youngsters. But here is Melrick Crasta who has an uncommon craze. This third year bio-chemistry student of St Aloysius College in Mangalore, is so crazy of lizards, frogs and snakes that he enjoys catching them.

He handles the little creatures he catches with great care. He holds them on his palms, feels them, tries to observe their behaviour when he holds them and then lets them free. His craze for lizards and frogs developed when he was in seventh standard, as he watched Discovery channel. Melrick has so far caught a worm snake, a rat snake and says the next on his list was to catch an Emerald Tree Python.

Anything can drive you crazy, But it’s lizards and frogs that drives this young man crazy. Isn’t it?

Written by Shreelatha

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

[[Akki Boy]]

Adventure is his second name!

He’s the one guy that girls would love to fall for - if only they knew him. He’s Akhilesh, a shy young lad of 25 whose love for adventure is unfortunately greater than his liking for cute babes. From dense jungles to mighty mountains, he’s been there, done that. Pronto.

A young engineer, an alumni of PA College of Engineering of the city, he is presently the blue eyed boy of L&T in Mysore. His dad, Gokul Bhat is famous for being the funiest man in any party. His mom Anitha is the nicest lady you can find. His friends are all the best people around. No wonder he’s grown up to be the most loveable lad he is. All the best, Akki.