Thursday, March 4, 2010

Manjalpade - Hidden Glory
Shreelatha Nayak, MNM Club

Mangaloreans have you ever wondered what a prosperous Mangalore might look like? If you have a hard time defining or even visualizing it, the simple answers like religious places, malls, hotels, theatres and biological parks might be collected. Then, are you aware about the existence of a water fall in your very own city, while you travel thousands of miles to a sky scaping waterfall and make it as a destination of trips and excursions. Yes, Mangalore indeed has a waterfall and it is in ‘Manjalpade’, an interior place located 3 kms from Bondel last stop.

It can be described as a forest within the city and again a city within the forest. The place Manjalpade belonging to NMPT harbour consists of a mini water fall and a stream deep inside the dense forest. These falls are delicately and gracefully flowing and relaxes and mesmerizes you with their intricate beauty. The place is also famous for the peacocks present in large numbers. The existence of waterfalls depends heavily on a combination of climate and geology. Hence, the water fall here is at its best during the rainy season. ‘Apart from the local residents very few people are aware of this water fall’, says Ganesh, a localite. It is a cool and calm place to relax and enjoy your weekends with family and friends. The stream is also said to be subterranean and there have been incidents wherein people have drowned here. According to Rithesh, a mechanical engineer, the place is well known for washing trucks. At the same time he regrets that the authorities have made no much effort to maintain this place of importance.

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